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The Art of the 84 Badge - Details

Here are some additional details about the artwork for the badge.


All of the artwork files are included in the 84 Badge github repository including the Adobe Illustrator files, inspiration images and fonts.

Here are a few quick links

Wonder Woman Sketch

After finding the perfect image of Wonder Woman with her lasso to use on the badge I had to sketch it all out in AI to make it all one color.
This was difficult given all the shading and solid areas. I used a combination of cross hatch patterns and dots to perform the shading affects I wanted using just one color.


Terminator Sketch

For the Terminator I couldn’t find a single image that portrayed him the way I wanted, which was half Arnold Schwarzenegger and half robot skeleton as the humanoid portion was being blasted away. So I based it off of a couple of different images to create the Terminator I wanted. Once again I had to use patterns to provide the shading effects in one color.


Last Starfighter Gunstar Sketch

For the Last Starfighters Gunstar there were literally dozens of images that could have worked. The one that I based my sketch from had nice crisp lines (minimizing the pattern shading I would have to do) and it clearly showed the Star League markings.